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Cultural Awareness Training Programs

Workshops and Seminars

RedHead Communications offers tailor-made cultural awareness training programs, as well as workshops and seminars on diversity and inclusion, body language, and cross cultural communication. Additionally, we offer pre-designed workshops on body language, rapport building, and cross cultural communication.

Workshops can be tailor-made to:

  • Examine specific cultural groups
  • Focus on legislative requirements, codes of conduct, diversity policies etc.
  • Explore in-house communication issues and learn to manage multicultural teams
  • Develop action plans for improving team communication, workplace practices, and team management
  • Analyse the effectiveness of current communication technologies (eg. emails, phone, teleconference, and video conference)


Workshops can be delivered from a half-day to 5 full days, or customised to the time frame convenient to you. Note that any combination of content can be integrated to meet your aims.

A Culture of Communication Workshop: Dealing with Diversity

Confusion about what is culturally appropriate can lead to awkward, embarrassing, or even career-damaging moments. This workshop focuses on behaviour and actions in a diverse cultural environment.  It looks at how to interact with people of diverse ages, belief systems, working styles, genders, interests, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will interact more confidently with people from different cultural backgrounds.


  • Understand how to build trust
  • Learn how to create rapport (and be surprised by what it is not)
  • Learn how to identify and practice matching and mirroring techniques
  • Learn how to adapt your body language to be a more powerful communicator
  • Using the environment and objects around you to benefit your presentation style 

Say It In Style Workshop: Building Rapport and Basic Body Language

Simple changes in body language can mean the difference between building rapport and destroying relationships. This workshop focuses on skills ideal for networking and working with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in business.  It explores methods to build rapport and basic, easy techniques, (such as mirroring and matching) and strategies to build trust. We do some initial body language diagnostics and focus on how you can use body language to improve trust and rapport as a presenter and in your everyday relations: at work, at home and socially.


  • Develop a ‘global’ mindset and understand emotional intelligence
  • Understand how cultural values impact one’s behaviour
  • Learn how to deal with diversity in the workplace
  • Explore different cultures & religions
  • Get equipped with tools to break down cultural barriers
  • Develop strategies for dealing with cultural challenges

What Are My Hands Saying? Reading Body Language Workshop

The way we use body language can make or break a negotiation or a relationship. By making small changes to the way you communicate with your body, you can reach enormous outcomes. (This workshop is often booked in combination with the ‘Say it in Style’ workshop.)


  • Learn how to adapt your body language to be a more powerful communicator
  • Learn how you can use the environment and objects around you to benefit your presentation style
  • Understand what makes you credible and what makes you approachable, and how these differ
  • Identify power poses and how you can apply them to be a winner 
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