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RedHead Communications offers executive coaching, group coaching, and consulting services to maximise client potential and improve your professional future.

RedHead Communications coaching sessions bring out the best in people. Be it at the individual level or for organisations big and small. Our Director, Tanya Finnie, has 18 years of consulting experience with a diverse background of international clients. She has worked with notable clients ranging from the South African Minister of Tourism to prominent members of various corporate sectors across the globe. Tanya’s clients vary from professionals in high technical backgrounds to service sectors. Examples of industries she has worked in include mining, maritime, oil and gas, the IT industry, as well as hospitality, tourism, and aged care.

Why get an external facilitator?

RedHead Communication’s facilitation process has organically grown to become a two-tiered approach. Tanya offers tailor-made workshops in culture and leadership, but has grown to a second-level of facilitating open learning at conferences. Her programs focus on a practical, action-orientated approach and combine a variety of instructional intelligence tools. Her coaching, consulting, and facilitating span across a variety of disciplines, including tourism-related topics, leadership, human resources, and public speaking skills, just to name a few.

Executives often weigh up if they can lead and participate in a workshop and in reality, this is often tricky to do. There are a multitude of benefits from sourcing an external facilitator to take this task off your hands.

Some of those include:

  • Preparation: It is often key to getting the right outcomes and is time-consuming.
  • Save time: It takes a day to prepare for a full day workshop. It also needs a variety of tools to keep everyone engaged and get optimum outcomes.
  • Expertise: If you regularly facilitate you pick up all kinds of tools to achieve the desired outcomes quicker. We can prepare templates to discuss and bring the right props to get the conversation flowing.
  • Independent: Trust and perception is everything in getting the right outcomes. It is much harder to be impartial on the inside.
  • People Management: We are experts in understanding different personalities and behavioural profiling.
  • Action Learning: Not only will we make sure you stay on task, but you’ll get value sustainably implement outcomes. No decisions will get lost.
  • Value: Yes, we will charge you, but you’ll save time and get additional value from a well-run session, increasing the well-being and collaboration amongst your staff.

The added bonus is that a professional facilitator won’t get hired again unless they effectively challenged people and created sustainable outcomes. Thus, we will leave no stones unturned.

You may wish to incorporate a CQ (Cultural Intelligence) Assessment in your services. This includes a personalised 24-page feedback report on each participant’s cultural values, as well as a development plan for improving relations and expanding cultural intelligence. Organisations can get a group report to summarise scores of overall participants and compare it with worldwide norms. We also offer Advanced DISC®, a psychometric instrumented behavioural tool that helps you achieve real outcomes in your work environment.

Coaching / Consulting Specialities Include:

Cultural Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Body Language Executive

Coaching Diversity

Training Leadership

Development Inclusion



Unconscious Bias

Diversity and Inclusion

Presentation Skills

Building Confidence

Interdepartmental Issues

Organisational Culture

Keynote Speaking


Cultural Competence

Professional Speaking

Cross-Cultural Training

Cultural Awareness Cross-Cultural Communication

Negotiation Situational Awareness 

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