We create a world where people are empowered by their differences.

Improve your cultural awareness, inclusion capability, and situational awareness.

Transform your communication to create improved methods of business. Leverage your diversity to create improved relationships and grow more collaborative teams.

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Workshops and Seminars

Workshops can be delivered from a half-day to 5 full days, or customised to the time frame convenient to you. Note that any combination of content can be integrated to meet your aims.


Tanya is an engaging speaker and a compelling storyteller. Her Australian journey as an emcee includes supporting her local councils (which were broadcasted live on the radio), professional Associations, corporate events and conferences. Her professional speaking includes keynotes, lunch and learn sessions and facilitation of meetings.

Coaching and Consulting

Redhead Communications offers executive coaching, group coaching and consulting services, both for the general public and as customised in-house sessions for companies big and small – to maximise your potential.


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Cultural and Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialists

RedHead Communications is a boutique training and consulting firm specialising in diversity and inclusion and cultural intelligence. Whether it be ethnic, national, or organisational culture, we are experts on all things cultural. Our programs are focussed on harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace to bring about lasting business improvements.


 “Tanya’s exceptional cultural insights not only helped us maintain good relations with a large international client, but had a significant impact in supporting local staff to smoothly collaborate.”

Mark Small


"The Perth Business Network community has greatly benefited from Tanya’s comprehensive knowledge of cultural intelligence and inclusion. She has given us the tools to confidently negotiate various communication minefields."

Duc Pham

Managing Director

 “Have heard Tanya present on a number of occasions. I have found Tanya to be very accomplished public speaker / presenter who is very professional, passionate, and knowledgeable about her work in cultural intelligence.”

Graeme Watt

Engineering Manager

Lets Change The World Together

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Australia Day

January 26, let’s talk about it

Omicron, masks, restrictions, and border backflips, this our new reality and it has dominated our conversations ever since Covid-19 reared its ugly head and changed the world. Now more than ever, all of us are looking forward to a distraction, a way to kick back with our loved ones while holding onto some semblance of […]

Sign that reads: "Nowra Local Aboriginal Land Council Private Property" Birthplace of the stolen generation of New South Wales.

The Stolen Generation: The Process of Healing

Recount of and poem based on a visit to the Children of the Bomaderry Aboriginal Children’s Home, birthplace of the stolen generation in New South Wales. Earlier this year, my partner and I decided to visit Bomaderry Children’s Home on our way to Jervis Bay where we had planned a short vacation.  Thousands of people pass […]

Covid Burnout: Workplace Culture Is On The Decline

An article detailing the increase in burnout amongst Covid and it’s impact on workplace culture, as well as strategies for managers on how to support employees and prevent burnout. This article will cover: How COVID-19 has led to an increase in employee burnout – what is causing it?  Why is it important to avoid employee burnout […]