Australia Day

January 26, let’s talk about it

Omicron, masks, restrictions, and border backflips, this our new reality and it has dominated our conversations ever since Covid-19 reared its ugly head and changed the world. Now more than ever, all of us are looking forward to a distraction, a way to kick back with our loved ones while holding onto some semblance of […]

Sign that reads: "Nowra Local Aboriginal Land Council Private Property" Birthplace of the stolen generation of New South Wales.

The Stolen Generation: The Process of Healing

Recount of and poem based on a visit to the Children of the Bomaderry Aboriginal Children’s Home, birthplace of the stolen generation in New South Wales. Earlier this year, my partner and I decided to visit Bomaderry Children’s Home on our way to Jervis Bay where we had planned a short vacation.  Thousands of people pass […]

Covid Burnout: Workplace Culture Is On The Decline

An article detailing the increase in burnout amongst Covid and it’s impact on workplace culture, as well as strategies for managers on how to support employees and prevent burnout. This article will cover: How COVID-19 has led to an increase in employee burnout – what is causing it?  Why is it important to avoid employee burnout […]

5 Ways To Join The Fight For Gender Equality Now

Gender equality is perhaps the most topical issue of today in Australia. Unsurprisingly, the recent report from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index (2021) has revealed Australia to have dropped another 6 places in the world ranks. As a result, we are now ranked at number 50 behind my birth country of South […]

Name Day vs. Slava – They’re Not The Same Thing

Blog celebrating diversity through detailing the culture and traditional customs behind the Serbian slava and how this differs to a Name Day

Not Being A Racist Is Not Good Enough

Reasons why the “All Lives Matter” rebuttal to the Black Lives Matter movement is racist and offensive, despite claiming not to be. It’s not enough to “not be racist”. Be anti-racist. Imagine being at your child’s funeral and someone else speaks up and says “all children matter”. I recently read an article on social media […]

Do Black Lives (Really) Matter in Australia?

Does Australia know what they are standing up for when using Black Lives Matter hashtag #blacklivesmatter on social media? Written by Tamara Cook When I opened my Instagram on Tuesday June 2, I thought it was broken. Posts didn’t seem to load. I soon recognised the hashtags and the sentiment behind the flood of black […]

How to Manage Your Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is something we all bring into the workplace. These learned stereotypes are automatic and unintentional. They are part of your belief system and will affect your behaviour on a daily basis. Just because they are triggered without your knowledge does not make it right or even an excuse for bad decisions. For example, […]

A Disturbing Racist Trend in the Media

Disturbing trends of racism, sexism, and homophobia in our news media are on the rise, with world leaders echoing these harmful sentiments. The way in which the media report on news has a huge impact on the way we view the cultures of the people that make up our nation. This is often shaped (or […]

Invisible Disabilities

Content Warning for Sensitive Readers. Includes graphic injury description. “Invisible disabilities” or “hidden disabilities” are disabilities that are not immediately apparent. Some people with vision lost, may wear contacts. To mediate chronic pain, some may choose medication, rather than a visible mobility device. Humans have a habit of recognising that which we can see. It […]