Three images separating the cultural competence and diversity and inclusion training categories of Workshops and Seminars, Keynotes and Professional Speaking, and Coaching and Consulting. Director Tanya is pictured in action doing these activities.

RedHead Communications develops leaders

Our services specialise in diversity and inclusion training, increasing cultural competence, and improving leadership capability. You can engage our training services through tailor-made consulting, coaching, professional speaking, or workshops. Our focus is on building cultural awareness and leveraging diversity and inclusion through cultural intelligence (CQ) principles. Our programs improve workplace culture and relationships, well-being, and profits in the workplace. Our approach is practical and we focus on sustainability. We inspire and guide our clients towards collaboration, growth in situational awareness, and increased innovation.

RedHead Communications is a boutique training and consulting firm specialising in cultural competence, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development. Our programs help middle managers and executives leverage diversity and inclusion strategy to grow workplace culture and increase innovation. As a result, we improve cultural awareness and cross cultural communication within workplaces. This is the first step towards increased team collaboration and conflict management. Our mission is to utilise culture to improve the way that businesses operate at the individual and organisational level. This inevitably leads to increased return on investment. Culture is grounded in many factors including ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, and ability. Therefore, RedHead Communications takes all facets of culture into consideration when delivering our workshops, training programs, coaching sessions, and keynote speeches.

Our Diversity and Inclusion / Cultural Training

  • Measure cross-cultural communication and cultural intelligence
  • Build confidence in communications
  • Assist you to understand your international customers, staff, team, and corporate partners
  • Implement gender equality in your organisation
  • Help you gain cultural knowledge to improve relations
  • Support you to avoid negotiation failures
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Grow situational awareness and innovation
  • Deliver fun, interactive workshops
  • MC your event with flair

Our specialities include:

Cultural Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Body Language

Executive Coaching

Diversity Training

Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion

Presentation Skills

Building Confidence

Interdepartmental Issues

Organisational Culture

Keynote Speaking

Cultural Competence

Professional Speaking

Cross Cultural Training

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Cultural Communication

Situational Awareness

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