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Cultural Times is an independent magazine for those curious about all things culture, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We release a quarterly issue with each edition celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of cultures from around the world, as well as how to be more inclusive in your own workplaces and communities. In order to bring you these powerful stories, we create, collect, and curate stories from all around the world using a variety of sources. We cover current news stories and conflicts, as well as topical cultural issues and anecdotes. By providing readers with a glimpse into ethnic cultures, organisational cultures, gender differences, and generational differences (just to name a few), we hope to highlight good practise examples, educate, entertain, inspire, and perhaps even foster a deeper level of human understanding within our readers.

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If you have a story to tell, we want to hear from you! You might have an effective workplace model surrounding cultural competency or a critique of current practices that you would like to share. Maybe you are an expert in diversity and inclusion or a leader in your field. Perhaps you are immersed in a culture of your own or have experienced a plight rooted in culture, ethnicity, or religion. Whatever it may be, we would love to hear what you have to say and share it with the world.

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From left to right: Gugliemo Placanica, Magan Hurrelbrink and Tanya Finnie working on the first edition.

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