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Professional Keynote Speaker

Tanya is a passionate professional keynote speaker, delivering compelling keynotes on many culture related topics, be that organisational or social. Cultural topics range from anything between ethnicity, race, gender, age, ability, and so much more. Tanya is a thought provoking and engaging storyteller. Her Australian journey as an emcee is wide-ranging and includes everything from supporting her local councils, broadcast radio, working with professional associations, and delivering keynote speeches at corporate events and conferences. Her professional speaking formats include keynotes, lunch and learn sessions, and the facilitation of meetings, or can be tailored to specified needs. Tanya recently presented a TEDx (2020) talk on Becoming a Global Citizen. She has spoken all across the world, having had previous engagements in Mauritius, the USA, Malaysia, Germany, the UK, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, and still counting.

Tanya also delivers training to fellow professionals on presentation skills and public and professional speaking, ranging from beginners to aspiring professional speakers. Tanya recently assisted the AOG Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast panellists with the preparation for their panel discussion on all things intersectionality and avoiding tokenism in diversity and inclusion initiatives. These professional speaking services include everything from storytelling to microphone and presentation handling.

Some recent keynotes surrounding culture:

  • Breaking down the interdepartmental silos
  • Growing the cultural intelligence (CQ) of our leaders
  • Unconscious bias and how it affects your bottom line
  • Diversity in Aged Care – avoiding involuntary discrimination
  • A culture of safety – how does culture influence our zero harm policy?
  • Confidently communicate your way to the top
  • Doing business in Africa

Relevant Professional Speaking Accreditations

  • Diploma in Public Speaking
  • Professional Speakers Association Australia Member
  • Member of Global Institute of Training and Presenting (GITP)
  • Certified Expert Presenter (CEP)
  • Accredited Advanced CQ Facilitator
  • Advanced DISC Facilitator
  • Past Chair United Nations Association WA Human Rights Committee

Check Out Tanya’s TEDx Talk:

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