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Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for Technical Organisations

Thank you for booking to attend the CQ for Technical Organisations lunch and learn session with Tanya Finnie, Director of RedHead Communications.

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Date: Friday 4th of May
Time: 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Place: Level 1, State Buildings – 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000
(Please enter through the Barrack St entrance and meet next to the large bunny stature in the foyer downstairs and someone will come down and get you. Alternatively you can ring 08 6168 7760 if you arrive early/late)

A light lunch and drink will be included. Feel free to make use of the cash bar during the event as well.

Overview of Lunch and Learn – What to expect

12:30 – Meet and greet. Light lunch and drinks. (Food can be consumed during the session.)
12:45 – Introduction to CQ and how it can be applied to individuals and your organization.
13:00 – Wider discussion on what will be involved in the project and how you and your organization could partake in this study. Deeper look at the time line, outline of program expectations and offerings (Questions will be addressed throughout the presentation).
14:30 – Conclude. Tanya will remain at the venue if anyone would like a more in depth discussion after.

Thesis Project

The key research question in this proposal will examine the impact of increased cultural intelligence (CQ) of upper and middle managers in technical organisations. The process will take about 1 year.
If you do not participate in the project, you will have an option to get updates on research and outcomes of project.

What is CQ?

CQ is an individual’s ability to function effectively in culturally diverse settings and is a globally recognised way of assessing and improving effectiveness for culturally diverse situations.

Why is CQ important?

CQ predicts readiness for working and relating effectively with people from different backgrounds – gender, ethnic, generational, organizational. With higher CQ you will more likely gain new opportunities and successfully navigate today’s diverse world.

What are the benefits of participating in this project?

You’ll be provided with research based, innovative solutions to grow you and your team’s CQ with the support of a qualified and experienced management consultant.

It is an opportunity to get in at ground level to lead in diversity, inclusion, innovation and grow a collaborative team.

Those involved in the study will be able to get a year’s worth of consulting and in house testing around CQ, inclusivity and diversity for a heavily reduced priced due to the academic nature of this study.

Each individual will receive a full CQ assessment including: Self Rating and observer ratings for 4 CQ capabilities and 13 CQ sub-dimensions, a development and action plan, where you sit on the cultural values scale in comparison to those around you. These can be used for further in house professional development.

Organisations can get group reports that summarises scores for the overall group participating per organization, compare these to world wide norms, as well as suggestions and feedback.

Hence the limited number of spaces available to participate in this program.

What impact will this have on your company?

Broadly speaking CQ outcomes influence high-quality decision making, trust, cooperation, negotiation effectiveness, creativity, innovation, adjustment and resistance to fatigue/burnout, work performance and leadership effectiveness as well as profitability and cost savings.

Research demonstrates several consistent results for individuals and organisations that improve CQ, including more effective cross-cultural adaptability and decision making, enhanced job performance, improved creativity and innovation, increased profitability and cost savings and enriched situational awareness.


We look forward to seeing you at the lunch and discussing how CQ training and this thesis project can benefit your company.

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