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Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Sure IQ is important, but there are several tests that proof after a certain  level of IQ (average) it is rather EQ that leads to the promotion or the sale or simply being liked and respected. Let’s dial it back a bit and define EQ – Simply put it is your ability to manage and control our own emotions and the ability to read and respond to the emotions of others.

There are five dimensions of EQ. The first three are intrapersonal skills – more inwards (about you):

  1. Self Awareness – knowing your own emotions
  2. Self Regulation – managing your own emotions
  3. Motivation – your drive to understand and improve EQ

And then the last two are interpersonal – more outwards focussed.

  1. Empathy – recognising and understanding other’s emotions
  2. Social Skills – managing relations

The great news is that no matter what level your EQ is at you can certainly improve it. It is not at a set level for life. Imagine for a moment all the benifits of growing your EQ…

  • Improved relationships
  • Better collaboration
  • Navigating conflict better
  • Increased productivity
  • Better communiations
  • Improved Return on Investment

And the list goes on.

Those of you who have been following me for some time, have often heard me speak on Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Developing your EQ and of course CQ will no doubt greatly influence your success. High EQ/CQ teams will also strongly outperform their counterparts. I’ll continute to push out a few tips adn tricks for you to improve yours via this forum, but if you’d like to excellerrate the process, feel free to get in touch and see how we can work with your team or join one of our public sessions.

Exciting Upcoming workshops over the next month for the Real Estate Industry – Human Behaviour Series

Do you still need to earn CPD points and are sick and tired of the normal boring old stuff, this is the course for you! Come and earn 7 CPD points.

Cultural Intelligence and Emotional intelligence for Real Estate will not only be valuable for building stronger relations with your global clients, but it will also be of great value to your day to day relations with everyone you interact with.

My name is Tanya Finnie and I’m a cultural strategist based here in Perth. I’ve lived in many other countries prior to proudly calling Perth home. I work as a global professional speaker and consultant in the area of cultural competence.

Come and enrich your situational awareness, increase your EQ and CQ and get better insights into human behaviour to ultimately increase your closure rate and build stronger relations .

Upcoming workshops

  • September at East Fremantle Yacht Club. To book Click here
  • October at Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley. To book Click here


For more detailed outcomes on each of the independent workshops click here. Morning and afternoon tea provided.Delicious lunch can be purchased at the venue for very reasonable rates. ($10-$20 depending on order.) Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or would like us to quote you on an in house workshop. (minumum of 5 people)

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