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We create a world where people are empowered by their differences.

Improve your cultural awareness, inclusion capability, and situational awareness.

Transform your communication to create improved methods of business. Leverage your diversity to create improved relationships and grow more collaborative teams.


Let's Change The World Together

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops can be delivered from a half-day to 5 full days, or customised to the time frame convenient to you. Note that any combination of content can be integrated to meet your aims.


Tanya is an engaging speaker and a compelling storyteller. Her Australian journey as an emcee includes supporting her local councils (which were broadcasted live on the radio), professional Associations, corporate events and conferences. Her professional speaking includes keynotes, lunch and learn sessions and facilitation of meetings.

Coaching and Consulting

Redhead Communications offers executive coaching, group coaching and consulting services, both for the general public and as customised in-house sessions for companies big and small – to maximise your potential.


Meet Our Team

Tanya Finnie


Dr Tanya Finnie founded the company in 2010 after a background in the tourism and learning and development sector. She has a passion fro bringing people together with post grad qualifications in Adult Learning and education and her PhD In cultural leadership. She lived and worked on most continents and combine that practical experience with robust models to create change and lead in diversity, equity and inclusion practice.

Ronald Chua

Strategic Communications Manager

Ronald Chua joined our team in 2019 when he started out as a marketing intern from the UWA Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program. With a Degree and Masters in Strategic Communications, Ronald brings his knowledge and skills to our team by overseeing our strategic marketing efforts and campaigns as well as the Diversity and Inclusion Summit. Ronald hails from Singapore and loves all things pop culture from music, television shows, movies and TikTok, if you want to know what’s trending lately, just ask him.


Office Doggo

Lucky, though slightly more mature, is still full of bounce and quite keen to meet new people. He does not own a TV nor care about commercial advertising, but is always keen to pose for an action shot for social media. Lucky is a great listener and an even better snorer. He loves the water and dreams about buying a catamaran when he retires. Lucky’s name is directly related to his zest for life as he was adopted from a euthanasia list, though did not originally land there by choice. Prefers sleeping on the job.


Office Pup

Khaya is a Gen Alpha ‘employee’. Since his start at RedHead, he has been the Alpha pushing everyone around by simply batting his eyelids. More into technology and a big fan of TV, especially Hotel for Dogs. His name stems from the Xhosa (South African Bantu Nguni people) language meaning ‘Home’ but also sounds the same than the Noongar (Australian Indigenous) word ‘Kaya’, meaning ‘Hello’. Still finding his perfect work style, he is a combination of fluff and personality.

Cultural and Training Specialist

RedHead Communications is a boutique training and consulting firm specialising in diversity and inclusion and cultural intelligence. Whether it be ethnic, national, or organisational culture, we are experts on all things cultural. Our programs are focused on harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace to bring about lasting business improvements.

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