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Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

CQ is a globally recognised way of assessing and improving effectiveness for culturally diverse situations.  It’s rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted by scholars around the world. Leading organisations in business, education, government and healthcare are adopting CQ as a key component of personnel development and competitive advantage.

In simple language, it measures how we behave in diverse situations. We all have an inherent culture, but the good news is that we can all increase our CQ.

Research demonstrates several consistent results for individuals and organisations that improve CQ, including:

  • More effective Cross-Cultural Adaptability and Decision Making
  • Enhanced Job Performance
  • Improved Creativity and Innovation
  • Increased Profitability and Cost Savings
  • Enriched Situational Awareness

CQ consist out of 4 quadrants – Your Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action.

Many individuals or organisations undergo some form of cross-cultural training and see no change in behaviour over time.  The reason for this is simple – they did not implement a strategy or an action plan.

What does this mean for you?

We can measure your own CQ or your team’s CQ.  The great news is you can also improve it and then remeasure. In fact, I’m so confident that if you take the test, attend some training/coaching or a combination thereof and implement even only one single thing, I’ll guarantee you’ll improve our CQ.

There are different levels of testing available. One is a self-evaluation measuring your capability to function effectively across a variety of cultural contexts and for small fee extra, you get the additional 360 depth of a peer review on how others perceive you additionally.  The latter also predicts global effectiveness in measuring: cross-cultural adaptability, judgement and decision making, negotiation skills and strategic leadership.

The outcomes of the testing can be used to identify a variety of professional development options for the future.

It is highly recommended that each test is debriefed in a personal coaching or group training session to fully interpret the data.

 Some of the questions we regularly answer:

  • I thought I was culturally aware and unbiased and then…
  • Is the world too politically correct?
  • Why do certain people behave in certain ways?
  • What are my CQ strengths and how can I leverage them?
  • How do create a more diverse workforce?
  • Do we need to manage different generations differently?
  • How do we increase our gender diversity?

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