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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills is a flexible workshop which builds public speaking and presentation skills in professionals ranging from beginners to advanced professionals. These workshops can be customised to include speech coaching or can include tailor-made mentoring to prepare for specific presentations.


Presentation workshops can be delivered from a half-day to 5 full days, or customised to the time frame convenient to you. can be offered anywhere from half days to 5 full days and

Presentation Mastery Level 1:
How to stop wishing the floor would open up and swallow in public presentations

Learn techniques to manage the fear of speaking in public. Includes basic recipes for becoming an accomplished speaker.  Ideally this runs over four, 3 hour classes in order for participants to present their own material so they can receive individual feedback and progress over time. Focus on channelling your fear and learn the basics of presentation skills.


  • Techniques to manage and target your fear of presenting
  • Basic structure and developing of speeches
  • Speech enhancement techniques

Presentation Mastery Level 2:
Intermediate to advanced presentation skills including microphone use

You know the basics, now learn how to stand out and be remembered! A practical, intense speech training workshop – that will give you life changing skills to impress your colleagues/ clients/boss.  Explore where to stand, how to plan your speech, how to say it to engage your audience and everything in between.


  • Secret tips and tricks that world class speakers know
  • Get a recipe to build a winning speech
  • Learn how to gesture and move whilst ‘on stage’
  • Learn how to use tone of voice to be congruent with your message
  • Explore different methods to build your confidence
  • Tactics to appear confident, even if you are not
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