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Cultural Times is an independent magazine for those curious about all things culture, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We release a quarterly issue with each edition celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of cultures from around the world, as well as how to be more inclusive in your own workplaces and communities. In order to bring you these powerful stories, we create, collect, and curate stories from all around the world using a variety of sources. We cover current news stories and conflicts, as well as topical cultural issues and anecdotes. By providing readers with a glimpse into ethnic cultures, organisational cultures, gender differences, and generational differences (just to name a few), we hope to highlight good practise examples, educate, entertain, inspire, and perhaps even foster a deeper level of human understanding within our readers.


Dear Contributor and/or Cultural Specialist,

RedHead Communications distributes a diversity magazine called ‘Cultural Times’. It targets corporate managers and aspiring leaders around the globe. The magazine contains practical and inspiring articles on all things cultural intelligence (CQ), workplace diversity and inclusion, communication and change management.

The purpose of the magazine is to promote diversity, demonstrate case studies of good practice, open debate about current practices and proposed practices and give insights into different cultures/people and the way they do things.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest for the upcoming magazine. We would love to hear from you if you specialise in cultural intelligence, cultural change, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, working with disabilities or LBTGQI+, wellbeing or broader topics with a cultural flavour aimed at corporate managers or aspiring leaders. We are also interested in good practice examples or highlighting practices that can be done better.

Please submit an expression of interest to us, including the information outlined below. If you have any questions, we’d love you to get in touch at

Warm Regards,

Tanya Finnie

Editor Cultural Times and Director RedHead Communications

Article Expression of Interest:Please submit your article proposal to us and include the following information.
  1. Proposed title
  2. Subject
  3. Tone of voice (formal, casual, cynical, cheerful etc.)
  4. Approximate wordcount (see below)
  5. Link to your website or provide a short bio of what you do
Article outline:

· 1 page, no image – max 350 words (Word)

· 1 page, with image – up to 300 words (dependent on number of pictures) · Double spread, with pictures – up to 700 words

· If you include any  images, please advise where sourced to confirm copyright to publish

· Depending on the article, you may wish to submit a high-resolution photo of yourself to include in article and your title. Also add 1-2 sentences about you in 3rd person or refer to company. i.e. Tanya Finnie is a …. (see previous editions)

· We love a few practical tips/hints for our readers and/or a few statistics or hard facts on your area of expertise

· We do not mind featuring a link to your book/podcast/company if it is in line with our values and theme.

· Please do not send us an infomercial, we want to provide value to our clients and if you can do that with your content, they may just reach out to you.

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