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Immersive Cultural Conference

Grow your Cultural Intelligence, increase your bottom line and build collaborative teams.

Why a cultural conference?

In our increasingly globalised world, a business that encourages and practices diversity and inclusion will outperform its competitors and industry peers. However, many organisations struggle to create an inclusive work environment that is necessary to attract, retain, and engage diverse employees. Building your cultural intelligence is critical to business growth, innovation, and talent optimisation. 

Are you unsure how to manage conflict within a culturally diverse team? Can’t understand what drives the behaviour of your team members? Want to navigate cross-cultural and generational differences to your company’s advantage? Want to identify your company’s CQ strengths and how to leverage them to enhance job performance, creativity and profitability? RedHead Communications is going to South Africa in 2023 and applications to join us are now open. 

What better way to improve your cultural intelligence and cross-cultural communication than with a hands-on immersion experience in the heart of South Africa? Expand your knowledge with a global cultural strategist, while being fully submerged in a magnitude of different African cultures. 

Who should apply?

Any professional leader or manager who wants to acquire the skills to impact cultural change within their organisation and industry or develop cultural intelligence to improve outcomes within their workplaces and teams dramatically. Ideal for HR Managers, CEOs, Directors, Diversity and Inclusion Advisors, People and Culture Mangers and business owners who want to discover their values compared to others and how to read people to create more inclusive workplaces.

If you are looking to grow your situational awareness, innovation and in house culture in order to leverage diversity and grow your ROI this is for you.

Who are we?

Dr Tanya Finnie from RedHead Communications is an engaging speaker and mesmerising storyteller who includes action-packed anecdotes from her nomadic life. She has delivered numerous seminars and keynotes centered on confidence, human behaviour and cultural intelligence. Tanya was one of the first national tour guides in South Africa and helped build the system to regulate the guiding in the country. She since lived in many other countries and has built a successful global business as a cultural strategist.

While on this South African Safari retreat in the wild, you will have Tanya at your disposal in a casual environment as you learn and grow your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to help you confidently negotiate communication minefields.

Johan van Biljon with 30 years of local knowledge, will be your nationally registered South African tourist guide. As a long-time friend of Tanya, as well as a professional tour operator, he will guide you along with many diverse and related submersion activities that were handpicked for this cultural retreat of a lifetime.

Conference Overview

2023 (Dates to be confirmed – Pending COVID travel restrictions)

Beginning in Johannesburg, you’ll then travel to Marakele National Park, in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains. A 5-day business retreat for leaders who want to create thriving, culturally aware organisations.


For an overview of the 2023 program, including group training, mentoring and discussions, please see below.

Only a small amount of spots availible.

Investment Per Person
Can be logged as a business expense.

$9,999 AUD Early bird specials will be revealed once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.


Included as part of package

A follow up online coaching session (Worth $550)

Receive a coaching session and unlimited online support for a month, at no extra cost. That’s an extra month of mentoring and support from Tanya, after your South African experience, to get your plan progressing when you get home.

Optional Additions

Can be purchased within 30 days of return.

One year Deep Dive Group Coaching sessions (10)
$300 per month instead of $680 [SAVE $3800]


One year Private Coaching sessions (up to 15)
$350 per month instead of $525 [SAVE $1750]

Itinerary & Program

Arrival Day

This day is reserved for your arrival at Johannesburg and to have a night’s sleep in local accommodation (hyperlink recommendations) the day before the conference begins. We allow this because we want you to feel settled in before the conference begins. If you require transport from the airport to your accommodation, please let us know and we will arrange this for you. We will be contactable and on standby should you need any other assistance.

Day 1 – Lesedi Cultural Village & Safari

Johan (pictured) will collect you from your accommodation and take you to Soweto, a cultural hub that highlights diversity in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg has a deep history of racial division. Apartheid policies have been abolished, but the socio-economic legacy remains, as each suburb differs from the next. In the central city, these divides merge into an incredible cultural melting pot.

Among several stops in the city, we will visit Soweto and the Mandela House Museum. Lunch will be a traditional meal at the local Shebeen (previously an illegal bar) in Soweto. After this, we will proceed to Lesedi Cultural Village.

In visiting five traditional homesteads inhabited by Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho, and Ndebele tribes, we will immerse you into the fascinating cultures and traditions of the people of Africa. We will then round off the evening with a song and dance show from the different tribes living in Lesedi, sleeping in one of the traditional villages.

Day 2 – Marakele National Park & Marataba Lodge


Rise and shine, day two will be an early breakfast for an early start. After breakfast, we will tour to The Marakele National Park in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains. Its Tswana name translates to “place of sanctuary”. To say it has an abundance of wildlife would be an understatement. Our halfway stop will entail comprehensive interactions with the gentle intellectual giants of Africa: the elephants. Our experienced and friendly elephant handlers will introduce you to several elephants and show you remarkable aspects of each individual and the species as a whole. As the sun sets, you will experience the beautiful sights and scents of the bush with the nearby Waterberg mountains keeping watch. This will be your home for the next three nights at the Marataba Lodge.


Day 3 & Day 4 – Game Drive & Sunset Dinners

Day 4 and 5, it will be an early rise as Tanya will lead an early game drive (safari viewing drive), which will then lead to breakfast. After breakfast Tanya will provide lectures and discussions, and feel free to approach Tanya anytime throughout the day for more questions. The days will wind down with a sunset game drive and end with a relaxing dinner.

Day 5 – Waterval Boven (from here choose to extend or not)

Enjoy the last safari drive and breakfast, before we drive back to Johannesburg via Pretoria. Those who have not chosen the add-on will be dropped off in Johannesburg, whilst the rest of us will continue on to the town of Waterval Boven. We will spend the night at the Shamrock Arms, a 4-star Victorian guesthouse, listening to trains being shunted in the yard and enjoying a glass of wine around the fire. 

Optional Day 6 – Stone Circles


Today, we will explore the Stone Circles, the largest concentration of ancient ruins found anywhere on Earth. We will be entertained by Michael Tellinger, the scientist and explorer who discovered the mysterious civilisation, who will provide us with new and exciting cultural knowledge. We will also have the opportunity to dine with him around the African fire. 

Optional Day 7– Stone Alter


In the morning, we will tour Adam’s Calendar, a series of stones believed to be the oldest man-made structure on Earth. You will have the opportunity to view Stone Altar, a valley created by a meteor and the ‘workshop’, a scattering of loose dolomite stones said to be the remains of where the stones were worked. After lunch, we will bid Michael goodbye and travel to Kruger National Park for 2 nights in this great piece of nature. The main Lukimibi Safari Lodge building welcomes you with its sweeping staircase and artistic fireplace with creatively engraved animals. Our lounge overlooks the Lwakhale River, where animals often come to drink, and the bar nearby has an award-winning wine list and cellar. 

Optional Day 8 – Kruger National Park


Take the opportunity to explore Kruger National Park, with an early morning game drive and a bushwalk. Tanya will also be on hand should you want some one on one coaching time. 

Optional Day 9 – Matsamo Cultural Villiage & Farewell Dinner


Today, you drive back to Johannesburg but not before you enjoy some exciting activities on the way. Visit the Swazi people at the Matsamo Cultural Village and learn about their vibrant and colourful culture. Considered one of the best cultural experiences in South Africa, they seamlessly mix education with entertainment. You’ll even have the opportunity to join in the singing and dancing. Say farewell to the bush with a pedicure at Fish Spa. They provide a fun and unusual way for you to clean and exfoliate your skin, with customers placing their feet in warm, fresh water tanks containing dozens of toothless Garra rufa fish. You will end your night at the African Rock hotel, where a farewell dinner will be waiting. Say goodbye to your fellow travellers and commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.

Departure Day


Depending on flight times, there is some shopping time or just relaxing before departing to the airport for your journey home. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email

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