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Terms and Conditions

Mastermind – Group A Membership


  1. I agree to commit to the group and be fully present during each meeting
  2. I agree to support other members and allow open brain storming without judging the ideas or concepts of others. (Respectful, robust discussions are encouraged)
  3. I will remain accountable and prioritise attending meetings and supporting members.
  4. I agree that discussions are confidential and would not share the goals or IP of other members without permission. (You remain free to share your own goals and IP in any way you see fit outside the group)
  5. I agree to not share recordings of meetings outside of the group.
  6. I understand that if I miss more than two meetings in a row, I may be asked to leave the group. (The group will get an opportunity to elect the person to stay under extenuating circumstances)
  7. I agree to contribute to meetings and come to meetings prepared. This includes providing tools, contacts, expertise where appropriate.
  8. I agree once I committed during a meeting to pass any information on the group, to do so in a reasonable agreed on time frame.
  9. New members – membership of the group may change over time, through new people applying to join the group.
    1. New members need to apply via the facilitator with a written biography to be distributed to the group. (There may be a waiting list)
    2. New members will be voted in by the group
  10. Members leaving – membership of the group may change over time, through people leaving.
    1. Members can be voted out. The vote has to be by the majority of members and ONLY after the issue has been addressed with specific feedback directly with that member and opportunities has been provided to rectify behaviour with a reasonable timeframe.
    2. The member will be given a fair opportunity to state their perspective.
    3. Everyone in the group agree to reasonably support each other.
  11. New rules can be established by the members if the group all agree on these.
  12. The facilitator will record every meeting and make a confidential copy available to each member within 24 hours of the meeting. (Dropbox is used)
  13. The facilitator will keep the group on track and make sure meetings stay on track.


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