Director Tanya Finnie delivering a presentation on cultural intelligence with a microphone in hand and presentation slides in the background.

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RedHead Communications is a boutique training and consulting firm specialising in cultural competence, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development. Our programs help middle managers and executives leverage diversity and inclusion strategy to grow workplace culture and increase innovation. As a result, we improve cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication within workplaces. This is the first step towards increased team collaboration and conflict management. Our mission is to utilise culture to improve the way that businesses operate at the individual and organisational level. This inevitably leads to increased return on investment. Culture is grounded in many factors including ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, and ability. Therefore, RedHead Communications takes all facets of culture into consideration when delivering our workshops, training programs, coaching sessions, and keynote speeches.

Director Tanya Finnie

Tanya Finnie, the founding principal of RedHead Communications, is a global cultural strategist with over 20 years of experience working in leadership and cultural domains. Tanya hails from a widely diverse cultural background, having lived and worked throughout several African, European, and Australasian countries. Over time, she has built valuable cultural and intellectual experience to coincide with her academic knowledge on cultural topics and challenges. She holds a postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education and Training and a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Tourism Management. Tanya has also completed a Diploma in Public Speaking, Certificate IV in Coaching, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma in Leadership, Diploma in Front-line Management, and a Diploma in Human Resources. She is currently working on a PhD in Cultural Intelligence.

Tanya has a proven ability and track record of delivering successful and effective outcomes for small and large organisations. This is a result of the implementation of tailor-made programs based on a multi-faceted assessment process. Tanya’s packages effectively determine the areas in which organisations require development and improvement. The strong emphasis on principles of cultural intelligence and emotional intelligence, along with Tanya’s own extensive knowledge and experience, determine cultural bias and flaws in processes within corporate and community establishments. By providing tools to build rapport, meaningful relationships, and culturally appropriate communication skills, Tanya is able to help clients fulfil their goals and aspirations, and ultimately, become more successful.

Tanya also loves to give back. She is a past long time chair of the United Nations Association Australia Human Rights Committee, supports CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) individuals to get on boards (through the Office of Multicultural Interests OMI), is a patron for Roots TV, a long term supporter of interns via the University of Australia, and is also an early adopter of Conscious Capitalism.

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Tanya’s specialities include:

Cultural Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Body Language

Executive Coaching

Diversity Training

Leadership Development

Inclusion Training

Unconscious Bias

Diversity and Inclusion

Presentation Skills

Building Confidence

Interdepartmental Issues

Organisational Culture

Keynote Speaking

Cultural Competence

Professional Speaking

Cross-Cultural Training

Cultural Awareness

Cross-Cultural Communication


Situational Awareness

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