A Culture of Giving

The Christmas and New Year period has been and gone, but does this mean that all the giving should stop? Doing good makes people feel good! It makes us happy, so why savour these feelings strictly for December? The answer is, we shouldn’t. The do-good, feel-good philosophy I speak of has been seen all over […]

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Sure IQ is important, but there are several tests that proof after a certain  level of IQ (average) it is rather EQ that leads to the promotion or the sale or simply being liked and respected. Let’s dial it back a bit and define EQ – Simply put it is your ability to manage and control […]

7 Lessons Learnt on Holiday

7 Lessons from Recent Travels As some of you know I recently spent a month eating and drinking my way through Europe, whilst making some European connections, speaking at events and mostly soaking in different cultures. Here is my trip on fast forward with some important cultural business lessons. 1. You make your own sunshine […]

Free Magazine and USA News

I just returned from a month in the USA, where I attended and spoke at the CQ (Cultural Intelligence) Summit. The summit theme was inspired by David Livermore’s new book – Driven by Difference – How we can we fuel innovation through diversity. There was also an interesting focus on domestic diversity at the summit.  Often when we […]

Discover your Superpowers!

Increase your senses, to increase your influence February 2016 Stories are an important way to get your message across, possibly one of the most important skills to communicate successfully. A good story teller always use their senses. How well do you manage honing in your senses, in order to improve your communication style? Did you know you could […]